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It's a castle tho.

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Do you realize just how many times Godzilla and Gamera destroyed that thing and they just kept rebuilding it?

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Been to Japan once. Beautiful country. People are wonderful and no googles.

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People are wonderful

When they start to trust you after knowing them for months, you learn just how bigoted and uptight they can be. Not saying that's a reason to avoid them, but the more you know...

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Yeah they're obnoxious shitheads, I like them, but only from afar.

If they entered Europe, I would hate them as much as any sandnigger.

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What's really fascinating about Japanese architecture is the construction method. Since they are the First World nation with the least amount of natural resources per capita this meant that in times past they had a severe shortage of raw metal (and where the "folded a 1000 times" meme comes from - they did that because the quality of their ores was shit), this forcing them to eschew the use of nails in construction, instead relying on an ingenious system of interlocking wooden pieces that proved to be very sturdy and could stand the test of time.

Meanwhile the nigger can't even complete against a beaver.

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I wish people would make buildings like this for non-religious purposes too.

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It feels like in Doctor Strange movie. Anyway, two things in particular makes Japanese architecture unique: the aesthetic of their buildings, and their creativity and innovation. Beautiful!!!

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this retard can't count to 3

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Is that Hiroshima castle?

edit: Nope it is not. That was my one and only guess.

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Beautiful with the cherry blossoms.

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