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I've seen you say before that often votes are coming from outside the sub and not part of the v/pics community. This is the main problem I have with your modding or approach to modding. This is a system sub that belongs to all of the voat community and I don't think some arbitrary 'community' defined by you should be somehow placed above others in importance when it comes to voting or having their say about rules. Voat IS the community for this sub and everyone should have a say in how it works. If you go by activity in the sub, then are you a part of the community since you contribute very little to v/pics?

@atko and @puttitout just showing you that there's a thread here about rules for one of your default subs.

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...users that will browse through /v/all and upvoat content they like without looking at the subverse it is posted in.

You do have a point with this and it's an issue in all the subverses.

Some mods have elected to delete these, regardless of the number of upvotes or comments, if it doesn't fit the theme/content-purpose of the sub. I don't agree with this direction in a system sub (but it's cool in the smaller/niche subs)

A better tack that I prefer seeing, and one I know that gets used in v/news and maybe a few other defaults (??), is that if a post has been upvoted to the moon, or there's tons of comments in there with good discussion, the post gets left up; if that happens, there might be a flair added along with a formal mod-comment advising that the post is non-standard and has been left up due to extra-ordinary circumstances. That condition is a rare one though and ultimately I'm personally fine with a post being deleted if it doesn't fit the theme/content-purpose of a subverse, otherwise yeah: we end up with all subs being v/whatever.