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I dont see a problem with keeping out memes and pictures that aren't focused on the visual.

If we do keep this rule, I want to see how people feel about posts like this. I've considered this a grey area where it's a physical picture, but of a sign or text. Since I haven't been sure about how it falls into that category I've left them. However, I wanted to check to see what people thought about it.

Here's two examples of images that are focused on the text but still hold artistic merit despite that.

No image could convey the isolation of this town better than the two images I posted.

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I have enjoyed this sub with the Rule 3 in place as-is, the focus being on the visual. I would like to see this stay as a RULE for Mod action.


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Keep it. There are already other system subs that can cater to image macros and the like.