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Look at that backdrop. The nazis had the coolest shit


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Every time I see a photo from that period, I amazed by their branding. I don't know who was in charge of that stuff for them, but their work is fantastic. The communists in Russia had decades to try and match what the Nazis did in only about 10 years during their rise to power and it never comes close.

The party symbols and the subtle difference between them and the national symbols is amazing. Sometimes I feel like half the reason games keep getting made about Nazis is just because the art is so freaking cool.


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It's kind of a shame that people can't discuss the period. I think the Third Reich is the last flowering of the Romantic style. It never really had deep roots in the US and its development was foreshortened in the US by the building of the Gilded Era and its archaicizing Anglophilia (look at Yale). This style lasted a long time. Too long (look at UChicago). As for the branding, thank Himmler, who borrowed from Guido von List. These ideas, however, were not conceived in a vacuum, and as Nazis claimed, reflected a modern recreation of an idealized early Germanic culture. It's idealized in that it's often ahistorical and wrong, but there was a cohesiveness to the design. Even then, a lot of it is somewhat poorly done. (Consider how rarely Leni Reifenstahl manages to pull perfect focus.) Nonetheless, there is something inspired.

I'd disagree -- and strongly -- about the USSR. They had a significant stumbling block. Whereas Nazis could just edit the past into what they liked and what looked good, Marxists rejected history (and all its success) in pursuit of a Novus Homo. This is a big difference. Nazis were the Boston Pops -- perhaps simplistic, perhaps pandering, but accessible and dynamic. Soviets were Philip Glass -- weird, sterile, forced, disconcerting.

It fell flat. Germans had been playing this game longer. By 1880, they were the backward people of Europe and had tried to revolutionize through aping Art Deco, Neue Künstlervereinigung München (which was something of a precursor to the Soviet style), Expressionism like Die Brücke, and Bauhaus. They'd seen where these styles fell flat. Russians went from peasant to art commissioner in 5 years. They went from drawing chickens on teapots to making monumental sculptures and were severely misled by ideology. Then, they doubled-down on stupid.

Sorry for the rant... you're right about the games. Nazi iconography always invokes emotion... but notice how much Soviet work comes up. It almost always invokes a smothering bureaucracy. It's even worse in China.


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To bad the Germans cant enjoy those games because everthing that goes in direction of nazi symbolic gets censored.

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