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do you know what burden of proof is?

This is not a court of law. This is simply a thought expression. Dont like it? Downvoat and move on.


And what does this even mean??? Obviously, if I wanted to I (or you or anyone with motivation) could create a video, or image, or website and point at it and call it 'proof' or a 'fact' cause I found it on the interwebs... Even if you found it in some 'history' text book doesn't make it true.
What You may think is fact, I may not, and visa versa. C'est la vie. Life in the age of information.... I follow what feels right. What 'resonates' with me. Mass media is corrupt and filtered. People need to be able to see these falsities coming from the media system for what they are, and dig further to find what they feel as truth. This is what I found that I felt needed to share. Right or wrong? I cant say for sure, but the thought process you are going through (and everyone else reading, including myself) is priceless.


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burden of proof is a fundamental basic in any discussion. if you can't handle that simple rule, you don't belong in a sophisticated discussion.

I follow what feels right. What 'resonates' with me.

you must be a child.


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LOL. You must have a closed indoctrinated mind. or be an old geezer

Pretty constructive conversation you got us going on here now.