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Wow, a company that values its employees and won't survive entirely off of turnover, it's a blast from the past.

But really, this is very rare to see. Most employers, especially in the service industry, treat their employees like disposable trash. Then because of constant turnover and low morale, their service is shit so no one goes there, and they don't make any money. What they don't realize that their employees are their most valuable pieces of equipment, and like any equipment the more you invest in it the better it is.

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This is basically my argument when people complain about a "living wage".

Most people are god damned useless, and deserve what they're getting.

I was asked to come back to a job I busted my ass at for five years. The people who had been there were basically using the owner as a welfare check. Customers are happy I'm back, and surprised that items are in stock. Those other two people did NOTHING, and one of them even got the company car, and acted like she did sooooooo much work. She didn't do shit in the piddly 20 hours a week that she worked except talk on the phone. Meanwhilst, I was working 60, essentially the operations manager of the store, and even had a side hustle.

I was taught to work hard and to value my work and myself. I'm stuck in a bit of a rut in life, but I at least damn sure know what I'm doing now isn't what I'll always do.

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I wish I had more upvotes to give this comment.


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I know what you mean. I was lucky that my first job taught me that there is always something to do; if you can't see what needs to be done then ask.

This has helped me earn more than my peers even without a degree.

Work ethic is missing from our education system as well as the ability to look for opportunities to grow and move up in your career goals.

Another thing people have to fully understand is to look at where you want to be and set micro goals for how to get there.


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Here's the cherry on that, it's in Seattle, were the current minimum is 12.50 for companies covering healthcare, 13.50 for those that don't. It's also one of the busiest and most locally famous burger joints in the metro area that got a huge boom in business after the minimum wage hikes went into effect. Sure it's a slow process compared to other cities, but Seattle is feeling out $15 an hour over the course of 6-7 years rather than dropping down the hike in one fell swoop.

Also their owner doesn't get paid much more than management from what I gather, put's his money were is mouth is..... literally.

Quality wise, they are no Five Guys or Steak and Shake, but they are better and cheaper than most large fast food chains.


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Honestly, I think Steak and Shake kinda sucks. Their burgers are paper thin. Five Guys is a groove though.


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The only thing this is going to do is raise inflation in Seattle and people who make 6 or 7 bucks an hour won't be able to move there without getting a job first.

Soon, a 3 dollar cheeseburger will cost 6 dollars. Unless you go to a questionable source for your raw ingredients. To keep the price low. Everything that cost 800$ a month somewhere else will cost 1600$ there. It's not an awesome thing it will just mean... in Seattle 13 = 7 somewhere else.


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it's a blast from the past.

A past that exists only in some leftist fantasy. Entry level, unskilled labor jobs never provided anything other than an hourly wage until very recently.


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I'd like to believe that but the truth is some people are just trash.

My brother is a manager at a ghetto McDonald's and tells me about how the franchise owner would love to give everyone raises but they can't afford to because of the waste. They just don't care. Many of the managers steal money and food, and they give away free food to all of their friends. During the monopoly thing they gave out tons of the coupons for free food. The type of people that work at McDonald's and other service industry jobs are just incapable of comprehending the concept of doing a good job to get good pay.