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Maddie will be back in the news soon.

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Wow!!!!! I am shocked! SHOCKED I TELL YOU!

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https://archive.ph/dxPbL :

2019-07-12 | JonBenet Ramsey's photographer charged with 15 counts of encouraging child sex abuse | Daily Mail Online

'The photographer who took beauty photos of JonBenet Ramsey has been arrested and charged for child pornography in Oregon. '

'Randall DeWitt Simons, 66, was hit with 15 counts of second-degree encouraging child sex abuse and was arraigned on Thursday. ', "A 1998 Associated Press story first revealed that Simons was JonBenet Ramsey's photographer just months before her 1996 murder.", "Lawrence Schiller's book 'Perfect Murder, Perfect Town' tells how Simons was arrested in 1998 for allegedly walking down the street nude in Genoa.", "After learning that Simons was a child photographer, police asked that anyone who left their children unattended with the man to contact Oackridge Police and the Lane County Sheriff's Office."

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So a guy did nothing and got arrested for it...

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No he went on public WiFi and downloaded a bunch of shit.

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Hell of a way to word things then, made him sound more like a pedophile rights activist than anything else.