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What about Jane Fonda and Ted Turner ! All her biological teenage health at Emory ? There has to be stuff there . Her father Henry had his wife put in mental institution. Now what we know about North Korea .... Her going , what CIA ? The access her foundations have to young girls, especially black girls, I think I saw something like 8700 youths. Turner, he brought Hollywood to Georgia a long time ago .

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Great point. Dig into them. I'd love to see what you find.

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The story you linked to seems to be from this site which expands on the topic of the possibility the Senator was murdered: https://medicalkidnap.com/2015/04/27/senator-nancy-schaefer-did-her-fight-against-cps-corruption-cost-her-life/

Edit: given the occult ties of groups such as the KKK, it's no surprise that Georgia would have issues with child trafficking: http://mysterybabylon-watch.blogspot.com/2011/09/video-hidden-hands-behind-albert-pikes.html

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The kkk has extremely little if nothing at all to do with any of this.

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And you know that how, exactly?