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This report makes it sounds very basic script kiddie work.

  1. Find a target

a. SQL injection attacks (automated most likely)

b. Cross Site Scripting attacks (automated most likely)

c. Basic directory traversal attacks.

  1. Recruit a bunch of people to DDoS the site.

  2. DDoS the site.

It indicates there is no use of phishing/spear phishing, no malware involvement, likely no use of custom zero days or specific exploits.

So, if this intelligence is to be believes, the people involved in the attacks documented are not skilled hackers in any sense, but more a rag tag bunch of folks with only basic knowledge of computer security.

Given the accomplishments of Anon I find this to be completely false, as such this intelligence is flawed and not reflective of the true nature of Anonymous.


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You might get more of an idea for what the "true nature" is by looking at whatever irc channel is doing something. Much of the stuff the anonymous does/did is this low level stuff. Somewhere in some side irc channel is some people who have skills doing some other things. Theres no "true" anonymous anything.