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I appreciate you letting me know. I'm going to keep a close eye on this. However I do think that our subverse isn't falling for it. At 46 minutes old, it already has a -4 on the votes. Since it's just the one post, and it is already in the negatives I'm going to leave this alone. However if there is one more of these I'll take care of them.

Thank you for keep a vigilant eye on this, @valk2.

(Paging @lllllllllll @Jourdy288 so they know what's up)


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https://archive.is/oPshT | :

Gamers Studio - Home | Facebook

'Nowdays Rumors are that GTA 6 might be Coming in the fall of next year. '

' As we know that Rockstar studio has been quiet about GTA VI as nowdays they are more concerned with Red dead redemption 2 and GTA V Online.Many believe that Rockstar studio has already begun to develop Grand Theft Auto 6 but the... '

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