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Lets see them benchmarks...oh wait...there aren't any.

The AMD fanboys will be very very disappointed this round of card releases from them. They need to come out with something that can be competitive or we are going to get into another lul in innovation.


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If it performs like a 1080 for about the same price then it will sell fine. There are many people who have Freesync monitors who would love 1080 performance. Also, AMD cards are much better at DX12 and at open source support than Team Green.

I do agree though that they need to compete with the 1080ti or better to keep driving innovation. Probably will not be for another cycle though.


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Here is your telling line in this whole thing:

Also, AMD cards are much better at DX12 and at open source support than Team Green.

You have to use windows 10 to use Dx12. Vulkan is what you should look into. Last time I checked AMD cards had tons of issues compared to Nvidia on Linux as well.

Windows is dead. They don't make OS's anymore, just services. I seriously doubt we will see another Windows anytime soon.

If your running windows 10 then you are part of a larger problem. That isn't an Operating System, it pretends to be one, but it really isn't.

I'll stick with my linux box and my Windows 8.1 Pro (MSDN liscense w/o metro). My brother in law uses AMD and Windows 10, the amount of crap he has to deal with is insane. We both got a game recently. He has crashes all the time, like a hard crash to desktop. I don't. I never have issues with games or my OS. We've been playing before and his rig has restarted on him due to updates. My favorite is when it randomly downloads updates and pushes them while he is playing online. His latency jumps through the roof. He's configured everything multiple times. I've given up working on it myself.

There are only a few games on DX12. Only 1 I would even play, Forza. The support for DX12 isn't what you might think or expect it to be. Vulkan is liked more by developers or is heading that direction it seems.