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https://archive.is/erHvZ | https://vgy.me/pkX4gs.png :

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller works natively with PC via bluetooth | PCGamesN

'If you fancy a change, you’ll be able to use the Nintendo Switch Pro controller with your PC, assuming you’re picking up Nintendo’s new tablet/console hybrid at launch. '

'The best thing is, you can set it up over bluetooth and it’ll just work, assuming your PC has bluetooth. '

'If you don’t fancy the Switch, check out our list of the best PC controllers. '

'Here’s a step-by-step guide for setting it up:The pad does lack analogue triggers, however, so it might not be the Xbox One controller replacement you were looking for. '

'As you can see above, the person who figured it out even played some Super Smash Bros. '

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People who use controllers on their pc should be fucking neutered.


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I use them for fighting games, action games, pretty much anything that prioritizes movement over aim.

Most first-person games are best with a mouse, but analog movement shouldn't be written off so easily, especially when you need to turn quickly and frequently, or move at half-speed.


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There are plenty of games that are best played with a controller, are you retarded? You expect me to play binding of isaac or geometry wars with a keyboard? Go fuck yourself.

Playing rocket league with a keyboard is like skateboarding without wheels. Even if you can make it work you're still an idiot.