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Yeah, people not getting paid for modding is a problem. But, then when Steam and Bethesda talk about taking 70-75% of the cut from the people who actually did all the work and effort creating mods, that too is a "bug in the system". If you want to skim a little off the top, fine. This is not skimming, it is highway robbery.


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Former modder here. Money is nice, but I got a bigger kick out of seeing people actually using my mod than receiving $10 a month.


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I agree, and from that perspective it just makes Valve look like they're just using content creators to make people feel guilty enough to adopt the paid mod system.

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Seems fair to me.


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https://archive.is/h54iK | https://vgy.me/N45Iqc.png :

People not being paid for mods is a “bug in the system”, says Valve boss Gabe Newell | PCGamesN

'Remember when Valve introduced paid mods to Skyrim via Steam?'

'We’ve got a list of the best Skyrim mods if you wanna get ‘em while they’re free. '

'The comparison was made to a hot stove, which they’re not keen to burn their hands on again just yet. '

'More success stories leads to more modders, which leads to more mods. '

'Remember how everyone went mental and Valve pulled the idea?'

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