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Go with the 7200rpm.

Like Flat4life, WD's have treated me well.
Knock on wood, no failures but I keep running out of space.

IMHO if you need 1 TB, buy a 2 TB.

Running similar setup.
250 SDD and a few WDs.
Drives do not generate any noise over the case fans were are set at low.
45 db @1 ft away. DB chart levels


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Thanks for reply. 2 TB WD is only 5400rpm, old green line (now blue) Black 2TB is 140€. I really dont need more then 1TB, even 500GB would be enough, because I have also FreeNAS running with 3TB

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Mostly games/movies. WD Blue looks good indeed but last few months I saw more people complain about very loud noises and increase in faults.. Thats why Im not sure... Id like to pick something tomorrow already but I have no idea still


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One other path you might consider is an entry level ssd. You could get a 120 gb to boot and play a couple of current games from it and keep your old warhorse for storage. I didn't think it would make a difference but I have both a mechanical and an SSD drive in my rig and I find things play a lot better from the latter...