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Yep, I remember. National Geographic was the ring leader at the time. I still have old NatGeo's with "The Coming Ice Age" as a cover.

They blamed CO2. For causing the cooling.

Exact same (((scientists))) as the global warming scaremongers.

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I also remember 'the coming ice age' - which is probably actually pretty accurate. We're about due to start the downward slide on the Milankovitch cycle.

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Science is seance. Bunch of tranny satanists lying to you.

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Logical reasoning subverted... Repackaged with a bunch of political, psychological and economic bullshit and packaged as SCIENCE. Has disregarded the subtlety of actuality for some time. I had to drop out because the BS was too strong. Well, got a different BS degree.

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I have a BS degree too. Hahaha. Truth in plain sight.