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It would have really cut down on usage.

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https://archive.fo/AA9cj :

Casual Drug Users Should Be Shot, Gates Says - latimes

'Casual Drug Users Should Be Shot, Gates SaysLos Angeles County Dist. '

'Ira Reiner, an advocate of stronger penalties against casual drug users, said he agreed with Gates in concept, although not necessarily with his "colorful choice of language."'

'"We're in a war," Gates said, and even casual drug use "is treason."'

'"There are a lot of police officers, like other people in society, whose children, brothers or sisters, may be casual users," he said. '

'WASHINGTON â\x80\x94 Casual drug users "ought to be taken out and shot," Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl F. Gates told a Senate hearing Wednesday on the first anniversary of the Bush Administration's war on drugs. '

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I suspect he'd be downright pissed at the CIA for importing huge amounts of drugs on US chartered flights that the FBI can't bust.