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Yeah I don't see this benefiting white people at all. Also, I wonder if those same Asian Americans ever complain about minority set aside programs and diversity initiatives that benefit them at the expense of whites. It isn't just who gets into Harvard.

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Do you actually know of such programs?

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Yes. If a company is owned by a non-white person from Asia, they can qualify for minority business set aside opportunities from the US government. Some contracts from local, state, and Federal governments require a certain percentage of the work be performed by small, disadvantaged, or minority-owned business. Multinationals sometime require this as well.

Even if a company is owned 51 percent by a non-white person from Asia and 49 percent by a white person, they can qualify.

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Jews are pretty much the only whites allowed into ovy league schools. Wake me up when that gets acknowledged.

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Those are wimpy bitchy conniving psuedojews, friend