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Just wait until everything is exclusively digital with no physical counterpart or if physical its tied to IOT.

Big corp not ok with your shit posting or your political views?. Oops we terminated your digital game/movie library and lobotomized your 'smart' devices

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That's ok. Mine are all rooted and backed up on personal devices. And by then I fully expect to have a work-around for internet censorship. We can do it, we can win. Let them wither away from disuse and simply being ignored and/or avoided.

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I've been telling everyone that Microsoft is batshit insane for almost 20 years, and everyone is finally coming around.

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sadly windows is still hands down the only fully functional pnp OS. Youve just gotta cut bits out of it to make sure it always works the way you want it not them.

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LOL! LMFAO! Eat a bag of dicks MicroDick. Since when did speech become violent and need to be policed? What are afraid of? Words and thoughts? MicroShame is a joke and laughing stock. Gag on these testicles real hard cause you wash my balls and not the other way around. Get on your knees where you belong Saddle Nuttuggia and gurgle and suck suck suck suck real nice and hard. I'm the customer don't fuck with me and piss me off.

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The left accidentally eating its own by censoring that beigepill bullshitter

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The last vestiges of Microsoft died somewhere around "my copy of Windows 7 upgraded to Win10 without asking me".

Now it's just Jews parading around in its skin.

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Every message ive ever posted on windows forums has been hate speech but ive never mentioned q.