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I liked the world better when smartphones didn't exist.

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The world was better when brown people stayed out of white lands.

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Cell phones in general. People shouldn't talk to each other so much.

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Yeah, but I neither particularly like the 1970s nor the 1960s and going back to the 1950s just means I have those two decades ahead of me. Going farther back means WWII and those two decades are ahead of me. Traveling that far back in time is a no win situation for me. And going even farther there's the thing about electricity and (hot) water. As much as we tend to romanticize the past, I wouldn't go further back than to the 1980s and that's when cell phones already existed, though, most people still used landlines.

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Dude, old internet was the shit. Once it got to the masses it was ruined just like everything else. Everyone's a damned pussy

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I agree, I miss the wild west of the net. a/s/l?

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14.f.FL. u?

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Translation: 43/m/basement

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Ah, yes. The good old days when Google might have actually found something you were searching for.

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Be on the look out for the decentralized/distributed, encrypted, open source, next iterations!

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Join my webring!

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You mean like, brreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecchccchhccchhhhhhhhhssssshshshshshssssssshhhchucknt...screeeeeeeeeeeeeee chunketchunketrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekch.... 56Kbps.

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I remember every tone mine made. and it was beautiful.

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...And when you used any of the 10 competing search engines, the most relevant and useful results came up first.

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