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Podesta would be Secretary of State.

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I assume he would spend every weekend in Haiti

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Importing from everywhere.

Back 100 years ago, he'd be dead already.

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secretary of education

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Probably he's second choice.

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I doubt we would be at war with Russia. If Hildabeast won there would have been no need for the Democrats to make up a story and try to re-stoke the flames of the cold war.

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I agree and disagree. It was well before the election when Hillary still thought she had it in the bag, that the cold-war like rhetoric started from her. I still remember hearing her say something, in one of the debates perhaps, and all I could think was "where is this coming from?" I don't think we would have been in an outright war, but I do think we would be solidly back in the cold war. I don't know what value that offered, but perhaps it best fed the military-industrial money machine.

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Do you mean when she disclosed our nuclear response time on live television and compromised national security?

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and all I could think was "where is this coming from?"

Hillary's still angry about being brainwashed during that year she spent "studying" in the USSR.

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I think it seemed like war with Russia would be certain with her in charge because she wanted to have a no fly zone in Syria and Putin said a no fly zone would be an act of war.

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Here she talkes about how we should be treating cyber attacks like any other attack on the country and mentions Russia as a perp

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IIRC In the Wikileaks dnc emails Hillarys people forwarded prog think tank papers about how overthrowing Russia would be easier then Libya. This was pre the labia war on libya.

Also when left was sure Hillary would win, wasnt it the nation and some other leftist rag that started coordinating early drumbeats for war? I recall at bv time we started noticing them boiling the frogs on Russia conflict.

Think this was one. https://www.thenation.com/article/is-war-with-russia-possible/

And looky there (((cohen))) wanting to start a war with Russia in 2016.

WTF Jews? I used to love you people like 2 years ago before I started noticing all this shit.

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Wow, a politician talking about dong something... rare /s

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We would probably be in Iran.

[–] 0Q0 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I have to respectfully disagree. Hillary wouldn't have made the call, she would have welcomed the ongoing escalation - provocations with Iran once Syria was conquered by 'Rebels'. Her camp considers war a means to an end, and that 'end' is about Hillary and not wherever the war is. War is used by these people to consolidate power and enrich themselves, on the other hand, Trump builds things.

Our ability to quickly destroy ISIS in Syria doesn't belie some tactical Mastermind new in the Trump administration. We simply stopped allowing John Brennan and the State Department to work together to arm and feed and provoke rebels who ultimately undermined our Military efforts up to and including directly engaging our military with Pentagon and State Department weapons, training, Hi-Lux Toyota Pickup trucks, etc.

Hillary would have had us using tactical nukes and then acting thuggish about it.

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AND ((( Multicultural ))) Immigration would be increased 500%

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The threatofwar with Russia is sufficient. And we've been secret allies for a long time... We've relied on them for tons of resources, including titanium forthe SR71... And something to do with our rocket engines used to launch spy sattelites. Its WWE... World Wide Entertainment.

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I like to think that she would have come for our guns and there would have been a revolt.

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You forgot that ISIS would be this mysteriously unbeatable bogeyman that would be releasing monthly snuff videos.

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The most intelligent and thoughtful of the talking heads of the left have finally realized Weinstein was 'Their Guy' and never would have been attacked under the Hillary Regime.

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Would John Bolton have a job?

you're asking us to weigh an imaginary situation against what we have right now... there's plenty of fucked up shit to talk about... we don't need our imaginations

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Sure would, on FOX talking about $hillary's fucked up foreign policy every week.

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Talking about how her interventionalism wasn't *working because it was too soft gloved.

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