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Why, certainly this is a photo from India, or Pakistan, or Kenya, right? I mean, the orderliness speaks of nothing else! ;-)

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I never understood why people decided hiding all this stuff was better

Now gas and electricity come into your house magically and people think you need a magician to fix stuff.

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Lasts longer if it's not exposed, but it's more work to do repairs when it's time.

[–] WeMustRemainPure 1 point 9 points (+10|-1) ago 

Because they hire Mexicans that do ugly work.

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Fucking white people

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I never understood why people decided hiding all this stuff was better

Are ya some kind of mechanical nudist or something? [/s]

[–] PraiseIPU ago 

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For most people, a simple handyman is a magician

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I fix people's computers and it's like being Merlin... I think I could wear a wizards hat and no one would think it was strange.

The comic strip "shoe" had a computer repairman that did wear the rope and hat.


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Thats my point.

We've hidden everything that makes things work. People dont see the gears working everyday so its all just magic to them.

People have forgotten they can fix this stuff themselves.

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Need about 6 million more

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White people did that.

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Every craftsman see this gets an orGASm.

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That is epic. Masters at work for sure.

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it seems too vulnerable. i fear it can be damaged easily. a shame it needs a gate and guard

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There's nothing better In "Mechanical Engineering" than being able to display your "Craftsmanship". Unfortunately most of It resides behind wall covering. This never takes away from the fact that, you, yourself know what you've accomplished.

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