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Interesting article. I actually grew up knowing the Shugart family and was neighbors with his business partner Finis Conner. His son B. Conner was a long time childhood friend and sadly passed away from a drug overdose a few years after we graduated high school together. Alan Shugart was one of the coolest people I ever met. On several occassions at the Conner house, eating dinner Shugart and Conner talked about how much they hated Steve Jobs, and admired Wozniak. Both incredibly interesting and intelligent guys. I still have one of the original 8 inch floppy disks Conner gave me when we were kids. Maybe its worth some money?


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the first computer i used was a TRS-80 that took those 8" floppies.

many years later, as my dad was introduced to computers, (and already having seen 5 1/4" disks,) he was calling 3 1/2" floppies 'hard disks.' NO dad, a hard disk is something ENTIRELY different.

EDIT: and for bonus points, i've created and fed punch-cards into machines also.


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Just wrapped up my digital class where I learned all about these disks and their 16 sectors. Fascinating stuff that I will never need. Should help me get a job, right?