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My wife occasionally likes it when I spank her, but only when she's tied up!


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I think this one comment is better than the entire thread below.

Both disputants below seem to be assuming that people can never consent to violence. But people do it all the time, for religious, sexual, or other reasons. Maybe people can use the subverse to have a vote about which type of consent is the best.


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Thanks! Violence is not some boogy-man, it's a valid method of communication. It can also be a tool for pleasure. Making all violence "bad" is like saying all niceness is "good", just doesn't hold true. Most if not all moments of creativity involve some sort of violence.

Consent is a big idea, and think becoming more and more important in our society. There are big questions in BDSM, clinical research, governance etc... that revolve around the idea of consent, who can give it and when. "Consent" implies that the consenting person has agency, and the right and ability to make informed decisions for their own benefit, in-spite of what any other person(s) might want to decide for them.

Rock on my metaphorical siblings!