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I'm working on an open source browser addon (for firefox, chrome port should follow soon) which reverses the gender of any website you browse and on top of that has some alternative settings (menkampf, gamergate).

You can download it here: http://genderswapper.com/

It initially was on mozillas app catalogue however within hours after a news article complained about "menkampf" - a different browser plugin, my Addon was dismissed (my addon also has a menkampf setting).

Menkampf means to replace "men" and typical sjw words (like "CIS") with jew, bolshevik, zionist and so on and "feminism" with nationalsocialism etc. to see if the result looks like nazi propaganda.Here are some examples of the menkampf setting: http://imgur.com/6oSqblu , http://imgur.com/rhoRSOD

On /v/genderswapper I will daily post one gender swapped version of an reddit thread or online article that I consider interesting. You can also discuss the browser extension there, make suggestions or discuss the gender reversed versions.

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If you haven't coded before at all, the hardest part is the very beginning. It takes quite a while before you can really make something interesting on your own, at the start you will mostly typewrite code from a book or internet tutorial and afterwards you will spent a lot of time manipulating code from others while only having a vague idea on how their code works.

However afterwards it will become increasingly more fun and the steps in learning something new will become smaller.

It's kinda like learning a new language, you repeat sentences and words you do not understand and try to remember them, but once you learned the basic structure of the language and a bit of vocabulary it will become significantly easier to learn new words, you will learn most of them through actively using that language.

At that point it will be less like learning a language but more like "actual coding" and rather comparable with math and logic puzzles (though as opposed to school it's actually fun as you can see the results in a game or program which is a entirely different motivation).

The browser extension itself is fairly simple, it was harder to implement it in firefox and make it automatically update to new versions than actually coding the replacement script.


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I stumbled across one of your posts on v/all and I was so confused! Interesting concept though.