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The cia did it

I have radar data of them flying one of their lidar planes from southern ca on 11jun2020 to north flagstaff (literally over where the fire started), gridding it for about 20 minutes, then flying back.

I also have that same plane loitering over ncal and socal 3-6 weeks prior over the exact locations where eventual fires broke out. Its one of 3/42 of the active 97 registered to a PO BOX 7 in Bridgewater VA. Each airframe has EXTREMELY HD LiDar equipment unavailable outside the agency, which is why they fly 4 of them over LA 7 days week , and 2 gridding all of Panama every day (identifying rat lines through the jungle canopy). When i identified the shell companies (theres another 54 airframes registered under a similarily named shell [same PO box lmao lazy OPSEC], but ive only had two of them pop up recently... One was over N. Scotland for all of 75 seconds lol).

It doesnt matter if she did it, or caesar soyac did it... It doesnt matter if guivero princip pulled the trigger; the Black Hand put the gun in his hand... Its always easy to find a deranged useful patsy who is willing to sell himself too cheaply.

If any of you are interested, I can make a video going over all the data.

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Yes, absolutely, do make a video or a broader post about it.

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Ok. I made most of the map last night. Ill try to do it after work. Ill tag you.

Its pretty damning.

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Bets on (((tribal))) affiliation?

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I never said that these fires weren't man-made. I pointed out that fires cross borders. It's not like they're going to get to the border and just stop. Ao the fact that thw firws go to the border and don't cross is just silly.

Glad to know I got under your skin though and you walked around for like a week thinking about me :)


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https://invidio.uswatch?v=E5JD9T56zGo :

Deputies find woman who may connected to suspicious fires near Flagstaff, homeowners speaks about - YouTube

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