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I didn't realise SJW moderation was a thing in /v/AskVoat now?

I saw all the hullabaloo about /u/she a week or two ago and granted, I have seen her make a few comments that suggest she's not the sharpest tool in the box, but I didn't see an "SJW smoking gun", nor have I since then.

I'm keen to see some examples of what you mean by "moderated by SJWs", because if that is truly the case, the real answer is to kick those fuckers back to the "safe space" where they belong and ensure they never get mod rights on any sub, otherwise we should all just give up now.

Edit: Found

I'm a little more torn about this than I was now. Yeah I agree /u/she does seem like she has an axe to grind, IMO unwisely given the unwanted attention it keeps drawing to /v/AskVoat - if the moderators there are happy for her to do that, I guess that's up to them. I have yet to see a moderation decision by her that is out of line with the rules for that sub.

Edit2: OK I just read the fact she reported Voat to the FBI, yeah she's a fucking idiot. My bad, do carry on chaps.


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Well you certainly went 180 right there bud, have an uptriangle!


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Haha thx :) Yeah I kinda did ... I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise first hand, regardless of what I hear. It's a mistake I have made before and will continue to. She may do good work behind the scenes (?) but she's also clearly a massive liability.

While I wish you luck with your new sub, I still feel the answer is to clean house over at /v/AskVoat - it will be one of the flagship subs regardless of what happens.

I've also checked the modlog and while there is still no "SJW smoking gun", and I do have a certain amount of sympathy with the whole "if you can't read rule no. 1 then you deserve to have your shit deleted" position, I do find the amount of deletes because "waaah waaah no question mark" to be highly dubious, particularly with threads that have already received a large number of comments and upvoats.

Something is clearly not right over there, and the primary culprit was identified weeks ago. It's time for her to jump for the good of the sub, or be pushed, and the remaining mods should re-evaluate what the hell they are doing that culminates in quality content being binned due to "ZE RULES". If that's what enforcing the rules is accomplishing, it's time for those to be thrown out too.


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Bahahah genuine lulz, well played sir, I dare not ask where you got the picture :)


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danks maymays m8


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Edit2: OK I just read the fact she reported Voat to the FBI, yeah she's a fucking idiot. My bad, do carry on chaps.

Isn't that what Atko said to do?


While we don't necessarily agree with everything users submit to voat, we simply don't have the resources to play whack-a-mole and we don't want to be the ones making the calls on what constitutes legal vs illegal. Let the authorities decide


If you notice any illegal content in any sub on voat, please, by all means, notify your local police department. Only authorities can decide what is and what isn't legal.


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