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Cool. Have all of Congress remove their security detail. Then we can talk.

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That makes sense.

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She's an idiot.

At this point it's an all out assault on Trump. I knew 2020 would be an election shit show. It has been since Bush in 2000. The media was horrid to Bush. If social mesic had existed it might have been close to this.

I'm not a big fan of his, but I find myself having to defend him because if the out and out lies the media says about him. Like yesterday. He did it say Floyd was looking down from heaven smiling about the new employment numbers. Every article took different parts of his speech and strung them together to make it seem he did. One of them printed the actual speech. He wasn't talking about the numbers anymore when he talked about Floyd.

It's fucking ridiculous.

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“The president of the United States should not feel threatened by his or her own citizens.”

That's funny, the view of the founding fathers was that politicians should feel threatened by the people. There have been lots of assassinations plots and attempts in addition to the 4 that were successful. There's also been no shortage of assassination threats against Trump.

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Deborah Berke - dean of Yale School of Architecture

As I've always understood -

"If you can't make it in the real world, then become a professor."

"If you can't do then teach."

I'm sure she's completely up to date on the modern way of designing and constructing buildings. She's simply a slag tenure idiot who sucked enough dick to get where she is.