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You know it won't show in v/all right? Stupid fraud censor kike.

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I don't understand. Why wouldn't it show up?

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CCP restriction to DV, you stupid nigger loving censor faggot

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The number one threat to the white race are Jewish doctors and Jewish medicine. All the jobs are in the healthcare industry but they are going to immigrants. Immigrants who pour chemicals down your elderly parents throat. Jew doctors are the leading cause of death of the European races. If they did not import the immigrants the streets would be empty.

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14 words. Whites Unite.

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Ban happy plebbit faggot

I made a new subverse too. v/GoFraudMe

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In Parnership with evil mexico drug cartels

Watching & Waiting  -  Set It Off !

卐Ⓐ 卍卐卐Ⓐ 卍卐Ⓐ 卍卐Ⓐ 卍卐Ⓐ 卍Ⓐ 卍

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Sometimes just having made your mind up does a lot for well being. Accept the idea of an Ethno state. Work toward it in your daily actions and decisions, start at suburb/town level. Bigger versions can follow. Normalise the idea.

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What 14 words .. I forgot.

I guess I cannot join.

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We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

There, now you can post there. Just make sure you stay on topic of the survival of and well being of the white race.

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Says the guy with no white children

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