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The victor gets to write the history books.

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You clicked the wrong subverse.

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Glad to see this getting attention regardless.

Doesn't specifically mention it in this article and these people exchanged children with other families so they wouldn't have to eat their own kids.

I have no reason to believe the same folks that were behind this wouldn't do the same thing here.

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More of the same.

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Lmao I wouldn't have even noticed

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This should be required reading on anyone's red pill journey. Ironically, I stumbled across the Holodomor while researching the accuracy of the Holocaust narrative. Tellingly, some of the false war crimes "survivors" claim the Nazis did were things the Chetka actually did. For instance, the Chetka used a mobile gas chamber truck, invented by a Jew no less, to terrorize villages on the countryside.

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Most people don't know about the rape of two million German women, for two years under red occupation goaded on by Jewish propaganda to rape and kill all the Germans. Even the book Germany must perish is calling for the complete destruction of Germany.


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Or Eisenhower's death camps where a million German pow`s died from starvation and exposure after the war. Patton said it best.

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The thing is, there were hardly any Jews in Germany, the whole story about the Holocaust is a fraudulent narrative. Its all about the numbers first.

"Nazi propaganda singled out the 500,000 Jews in Germany, who accounted for only 0.86% of the overall population"

"By the time the conference took place, more than 250,000 Jews had fled Germany and Austria, which had been annexed by Germany"

"in March 1938; more than 300,000 German and Austrian Jews continued to seek refuge and asylum from oppression."

Hitler let 550,000 Jews emigrate to friendlier countries .

That leaves less than 50,000 to "holocaust"


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This is all good information. I also call attention to the fact that the "confessions" received during the Nuremberg Trials were all coerced, and that the evidence was fabricated.

It amazes me that the Left, with its frothing Russiaphobia, readily believes the outcome of a trial whose testimony and evidence were sourced by Russia under the leadership of arguably one of the most prolific propagandists, Stalin.

It's funny how all of the "death camps" the Allies investigated turned out to be just work camps, except one: the one behind the Iron Curtain that the Soviet Union denied access to for more than a quarter century after the end of the war.

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This is the most important information anywhere. Oddly every path I can think of to make this common knowledge is unavailable.

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Yes, there should be a Holodomor subverse and this should be the sticky post.

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I don't like national socialism. The Germans lost. Hitler did not do total warfare. He blew it. I'm not losing again

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Germans lost

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