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These people aren't truly outraged about this, or anything else they bitch about. Complaining is just a way for them to feel superior. It's a distraction from the horrors of daily life. Much in the way our entertainment media was once the bread and circus fare of this modern world, complaining about it is has become the new diversion. Everyone is a critic, and everything is awful. Of course those in power don't care, because one way or another it keeps their heads off the chopping block.

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Americans have great lives. I cant understand why so many people are so unhappy. People are like spoiled little kids, nothing is ever good enough even though we live far better than most people on earth.

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My theory is that contentment, comfort and the other trappings of modern life are like a drug that we're all addicted to. Like any drug, over time we build up tolerance. The previous level of happiness and comfort we were experiencing is no longer sufficient for us to get our fix. Maybe it's not necessarily that these people are so unhappy, but rather that they can never be happy enough.

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Paying them any attention of any kind is what is feeding all of this.

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Making fun of white pwople is ok

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People make fun of that of which they are jealous

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I’m not Jealous of Niggers, and I make fun of them all the time. Fuck you.

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You're probably retarded, 'cause you can't figure out where to post things.

As for what doesn't outrage them? Muslim beheadings.

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i call it ... acting...

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Soon, they will run out of other peoples money to waste offenses to reeeeee over and have none of their own will eat their own.

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awaiting the throngs of highly rated youtube vids from sjws clearly and logically explaining why they are right....

in the meantime ill watch 10000 other highly rated videos on why they are wrong, while they make 1000's of twitter comments calling everyone who dosn't agree with them a bigot.

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what's esp comical is seeing people, who have been aligned with the PC crowd.. . seeing some of those people beginning to be eaten alive by their own kind: bill maher and Northam

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