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You put this in the wrong subverse.

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He knew exactly what he was doing, he put it here because almost everyone on voat sees these posts, regardless of what subs they're following. This shit is why "mods should only remove kiddie pr0n" is fucking retarded, keeping posts in subverses that are at least somewhat relevant isn't censorship. It's keeping this place not a shithole. Autists like @Rabidseamonkey are trying their best to ruin the site by doing shit like this

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Eh, news > newsubverses could be an accident with the way Voat autocompletes the subverse field.

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Yeah, prolly a little much with that fetalpig

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Her entire family needs to be arrested and given the Lindy England treatment.

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You also have to understand the generational European American is being replaced with new immigrant labor for just service industry. Now that the Europeans have built the cities up, the Jewish doctors are killing them off. It's white genocide

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America is a Jewish dictatorship. You either sucked Jew cock or die. You are either going to be a slave they exploit. Like the immigrants. Or they turn you into a shiksa whore in Hollywood or in the office. The only way this planet will ever improve is to get rid of the Jew.

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Not cool man.....that is so poor