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OMG this State is using it's public school system as a Marxist Indoctrination camp. They trade human flesh as nothing more than a herd stock.

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What school in Cali?

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Jews are marxists. They are satanists. They abduct European children and eat them. They Lobby for immigration they are running out of innocent people to harvest

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The leaders of the state are taking advantage of everyone in the state. While they're working against helping the state. Wildfires, catastrophes, homelessness, etc. Nancy Pelosi lives in California and I hasn't done anything for her state. As far as the Governor, he is as crazy as #CrazyNancy. Needles and feces all over the streets, San Francisco has a crew 24/7 cleaning sidewalks and the place smells like a bad outdoor Jon. Sanctuary cities protecting evil Criminal illegal aliens, what do you expect? Plus people leaving California by the thousands.

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California has Sadly Fallen to the Most Dangerous/ Craziest State of All. Think and research yourself. 50,000 homeless people camping at LA down town library. Very Bad.. Build the Wall..

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This is alarming!

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The Hollywood pedophile Jew producers and directors are all into this. They are also into cannibalism

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It goes beyond just pedophilia and child rape. They still have to dispose of the body. Which is consumed at the dinner table. They probably feed the rest to the pigs. But these satanists in Hollywood LA like to torture and rape children and film it while they kill them. Snuff films are very popular among the filthy Elite.

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Sex Trafficking is bigger than you know and Florida, Texas and New York are also large trafficking states.

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True dat! Suzy, think PORT TOWNS. So yes those places all have them.


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And it's all Jews doing it

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I wish I could say you're wrong. Unfortunately I have to believe there's something there. Patterns. Observations. All that

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Unfortunately I've done too much research on Judaism. They are the most hated people on the planet. Unfortunately most people are too ignorant and naive to address the problem. Most people just roll over like puppy dogs

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