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Just in case you missed it, better READ that report linked to this posting. The US just became and has arrived on the same level as North Korea and China. If you hold an 'unconventional' Political or Sociological Belief or Opinion, you can now be sent to re-education and forced State Sponsored Indoctrination. You had best realize the implications.....

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https://archive.fo/nYAFM :

Student Targeted by ‘Troll Storm’ Hopes Settlement Will Send Message to White Supremacists - The New York Times

'An African-American student leader who was targeted by a racist “troll storm” says she hopes an unusual legal settlement with one of her harassers will send a strong message to white supremacists that they will be held responsible for online abuse. '

' She called it a “unique opportunity” rooted in the principles of restorative justice, which focuses on rehabilitating offenders through reconciliation with victims. '

'She added that the settlement gave her a sense of closure, and that she was proud that important educational and advocacy work would result from it. '

'As part of the settlement, filed this past week, Mr. '

'Taylor Dumpson had sued Evan James McCarty of Eugene, Ore., and two other defendants, including the publisher of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, after she was viciously harassed online. '

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Thanks m8

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Fucking weakling.

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He cucked and agreed to it. Never cuck.

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It's legal extorsion due to the disproportionate alternative.

This type of shit should never be on the table. Criminal actions are between the accused and the state [in the form of their peers].

Victims get a shot a restitution after the guilty is conclusively found.

This is warlord level 'justice'.