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What subverse are you advertising?

Or did you click the wrong sub when you submitted this?

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With you 100%, it’s fucking sad that so many whites will look on and applaud it too because of guilt or virtue. I don’t know how to stop it or even combat it without becoming the new Twitter hive mind target.

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We need to rise above the media manipulation and become full people my guy. These criers only have power if people help animate their narrative

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I'm also sick of the word "racism", but I think white people need to wake the fuck up. Jews aren't doing this to us. We're doing it to ourselves. People blaming the jews are fucking cucks.

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Oh yes... when the left runs out of arguments, the label you: racist, etc, etc, etc...

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yes, but what REALLY makes me sick is how the msm ALWAYS takes EVERY one of them seriously and adds fuel to the fire. today's BULLSHIT "RACISM" story is a high school wrestling referee telling a wrestler he needs to cut his hair or forfeit his match. 1) the kid looks white to me, 2) there is probably a RULE that you can't have long hair and wrestle which applies to EVERYBODY 3) EVERYTHING that niggers don't like is not automatically RACIALLY MOTIVATED! of course this referee has been suspended and will surely be fired at the very least, and NOBODY will have the balls to support him. FUCK THIS BULLSHIT!

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Why all this Jewish hate on here?

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Who do you think is at the forefront of mass media pushing all this degenerate crap? The owners of those media companies, who are (SURPRISE) jews.