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Got to see them with Maiden and Dio a while back. It was a phenomenal show.

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Wow. Did Dio do any Rainbow or Sabbath stuff?

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:) too funny you have Motorhead Alzheimers, I hope its not contagious, lol

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All that headbanging. I saw them when I was 13 when they toured with Ozzy. Me, my older brother, and a couple of our friends went on a train odyssey from Hartford down to PNC Bank Art Center in NJ (we stayed at the house of some girl he knew at the shore afterwards). Crazy times. First time I got high. LOL. I saw them a few times after that over the years, but that was the best show.

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Hehe... headbanging is a Motorhead syndrome! :D

What a memory! Yes, I do not think any future concerts will compare to that first experience you had. They really influenced a lot of bands music. Glad you were able to relive that moment last night and share it.

I never had the chance to see them live :/ but I am pretty confident they rawked!