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It is an american thing. Everyone who has been here for five+ generations really has no claim to call themselves Irish, Italian, etc... So in America we are white.

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It's more than that. Go read a newer version of Storm of Steel vs an old publisher. They literally removed a large portion of Jüngers writings about race observations... Totally harmless stuff too. They don't want you being able to distinguish yourself that way.

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For starters I'm fifth generation 100% Swedish American so its not impossible. Second off Europe battled, raped and pillaged each other for hundreds of years so I highly doubt its much different there. And finally, and most importantly, we are all targeted equally by the kikes and NWO so we need to stick together if we want to survive another few hundred years. And we certainly have more in common than different. Just like Asians, Arabs, and Blacks. Everyone else are basically mutts, Native Americans came from Asia and just changed some due to isolation. Mexicans are native and White mutts, Jews are mutts of Arabs and Whites. Indians are Asian and Arab with a dash of White. etc. etc.

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Not really. There are more subgroups than that. Northeast Asians and Southeast Asians are pretty different. Your average Thai or Indonesian is generally much darker-skinned, uglier, and dumber than your average Japanese, for example. The difference in IQ between those groups is in fact quite large, certainly bigger than the IQ difference between any two white groups.

Even blacks have subgroups. African niggers and Abo niggers clearly do have different genes. Although both are dumb and ugly as shit, so the difference doesn't matter much there.

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God damn dude that was perfect! Nice work. The fucking jew has to be identified and named at every oppritunity

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Are you sure you are not Jewish? A lot of ((Swede)) immigration from that era were just lies to mask heritage.

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It doesn't matter if you are Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, or whatever, all of you are considered to be "objectives" in the demographic replacement plan.

For the people who will replace you, it also doesn't matter which part of Africa or Arabia they hail from, as long as they are sufficiently colored.

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You're describing Atomization. Removal of group identities. All while group identity is being promoted aggressively in anyone who isn't a white straight male non-pedo.

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Why do FBI crime statistics list Black, Indian, Asian, and White?

Hint: Something is missing.

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That hispanic as an enthnicity not a race thing is the best trick they've ever pulled. Now "whites" have a high crime rate and lower everything else so people don't see how bad things really are.

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Same with the "rich old (((white))) men" who supposedly run the world.

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Yeah I wish we had a mestizo category like the Spaniards did (and all of South America).

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Same thing with grouping South-East Asians and Middle Easterners together under the term 'Asian'. Or do they group Middle Easterners under Indians? Either way it's a disgrace towards the Asians that actually behave somewhat decently.

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Humm just like they don't list Arabs in Europe? Wonder why. (Nit really)

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You don't need to list Arabs in Europe, you just need to look out a window.

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We don't? My country lists crime stats by nationality and country of origin of parents if the perpetrator is a nation born to immigrant parents.

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Arabs are white. Ashkenazi Jews are people of color.

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@surfsup // "Eastern Europeans" aka slavs gypsies lithuanians etc aren't "white". Neither ethnically nor culturally. You have to go back.

@obvious_throwaway1 // Better question: Why do FBI crime statistics purposely list spics and various other shitskins as "white"?

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Same question I asked, just more politely, haha.

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This doesn't belong in newsubverses.

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Because that's how categories work...

White simply refers to people of native European descent.

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But it is a bullshit category, just like Asian or black. It obscures almost as much as it enlightens. About the only race compact enough for a racial categorization to be meaningful in understanding someone knowing nothing else is the Australian abos.

I mean Thais, Philippinos, Koreans, Chinese and Japanese are all completely different from each other. Any attempt to fit them in the same category is going to give you a definition that includes a ton of Europeans and probably excludes almost as many Asians.

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Do you think non-whites, including Jews, give a shit if you are Lithuanian? No! They see you as "white", end of story. That means you are just as guilty of the holocaust and slavery in their eyes.

If whites do not band together as one group (that doesn't imply giving up anything) then we will be crushed.

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Tell the non-whites to stop forming international, monolithic political blocks with each other then. Go on, I'll wait.



They didn't stop? I guess we don't have the privilege of being egotistical about our ethnic heritage.

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I mean Thais, Philippinos, Koreans, Chinese and Japanese are all completely different from each other. Any attempt to fit them in the same category is going to give you a definition that includes a ton of Europeans and probably excludes almost as many Asians.

Simply not true. There's clear genetic clusters. All Europeans are in one big cluster that excludes non-Europeans.

This is simply how taxonomy works.

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at this point, white is a cultural thing combined with a genetic thing.

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This smells of kikery...another attempt to divide. Whites are obviously a race. Kikes want to say we are AND we are not as suits their convenience.

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True, you're not all the same. But you are very similar, relatively to all the different varieties of apes out their. Both culturally and racially.

First of all, almost all European cultures are, to a large extent descendent from "Proto Indo-European" Culture (aka, "Aryan"), a singular super culture. This is why a lot of words in different European languages (as well as some indian and Persian) sound surprisingly similar, and why once upon a time, we all worshipped very similar gods.

Second of all, you might notice that you and your wife do not look that different, compared to say, some dude from Iraq. That is because Europeans also have a lot genetically in common, if you sequence the DNA then compare it. Sure, people on the fringes can be a little weird, but if you compare someone from finland with someone from northern spain, they are going to look a lot more alike than somebody from northern spain and somebody from morocco.

So yeah, you are white. It is a general term, but it works pretty well.

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Came here to point out that the term "Aryan", which is more precise than "White", only quit being used after WW2 for political reasons - i.e. to stifle race consciousness among whites and allow (((whites))) to be lumped together with whites. I am surprised that the only person who said "Aryan" and "Proto Indo-European" is all the way down here. White is a race - or more precisely, Aryan is a race. (((They))) want you to think that that white isn't a race, so that you don't view black-on-white violence as political, so that you don't see what is happening, so that you don't defend yourself.

I upvoted you but you deserve about 20 more upvotes.

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the term "white" was invented to conflate semites with aryans.

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nice try kike, 0/10 kike post

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Oy vey

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Looks like we got another one. Am I the only one noticing where these are being posted? I can't be alone in this and the drone just upvote the farmers. There's more to the forest than trees.

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