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Good work categorizing this post.

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Carrying a genetically modified super virus that’s immune to all known treatments, is extraordinarily lethal, has no symptoms and is airborne???

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Maybe it's Phily...

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Truth Dump!

Marketing and social media teamed up to manufacture the notion that in America: Racism is an epidemic, The police have a contest to see who can kill the most black people every month, homosexuals are being rounded up and burned alive, women are being raped and underpaid by the tens of thousands every day, muslims and people of color are being beaten to death at a rate of 950 every 3 seconds, Democrats love everyone and just want to save the world, and that Republicans just want to kill, rape, and eat anyone that’s not rich and white.

... dude get fucking real!

Here’s what actually happening. We’ve all been duped into attacking one another all day, every day so we don’t notice that our freedoms are being reduced every day. Meanwhile Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have sold out our country to the Chinese. Russia is a distraction, China is listening and tracking everything you do and say to determine your individual threat level. SuperMicro developed the spy chips and the Obama/Clinton administration ensured they were installed in every electronic device you were compelled to buy, thanks to the advertisers. The plan is as simple as it is horrific. Implement Agenda 21 and have it complete by 2030.

The start was putting Hillary in the WhiteHouse. Obama has already spent billions buying Chinese technology which enables them to track and disable our Jets, Ships, Ground Vehicles, Missiles, so in a conflict our entire defense force could be swiftly decimated. Our Nuclear Arsenal likewise would be useless thanks to the Clinton/Obama sabotage. Towards the end of the 2016 election Hillary was ramping up support and talking about going to war against Russia that was to be the beginning of the end. The war would never go nuclear. China would step in and ally with Russia. After a brutal series of losses, Hillary would pretend to be sympathetic to the lives of our military personnel she sent to the slaughter. Then Hillary Clinton would offer China our unconditional surrender. America would be officially bankrupted by that point and it would be blamed on the cost of war and our surrender, not that anyone would care. Here’s the truth though right now our economy is in the process of collapsing. After four decades of ridiculous irresponsible spending and the fact that the central banking system is rigged to perpetuate growing national debt this was going to happen no matter what. It was projected to happen in 2003, that’s why the 911 ruse and the Iraq Afghan wars were so necessary. They would explain away the economic collapse while allowing the deep state to fill their pockets with blood money. Needless to say the collapse didn’t happen. But I digress... Following the surrender to China, citizens would be ordered to report to fema camps for peaceful relocation in accordance with China’s wishes. Naturally many people would resist and refuse to report to the FEMA camps. In order to prevent shoot outs the food and water supplies for the United States would be systematically poisoned, regular flights would spray chemical defoliant over the known occupied areas as well as farmlands to ensure food supplies would be short and further secure economic ruin. Within a year any resistance would starve to death, succumb to the poisoned water, or give up and report to the fema camp since the US would be a massive wasteland. Chinese forces would have little to no problem finishing off any remaining resistance. That was the plan to overcome the vast number of firearms in the United States. Those who reported to the fema camps would be kept in a prison like environment. The young children would of course be taken away and end up in the hands of the worst pedophiles this world has ever known. Their adrenal glands would be harvested, and their helpless bodies would subjected to every perversion you can imagine and much more. Several outbreaks of a seemingly airborne virus would start up resulting in massive deaths. The fema personnel would be deliberately infecting people with the virus. In short order the captives would die off by the thousands, bodies would be burned in mass graves then covered over. All this in the name of global population reduction. It’s all right there in the United Nations adopted Agenda 21. Reduce the global population by 75-80% they call it “Sustainable Development.” It’s actually Genocide targeting Christians, Muslims, Jews in order to erase God from humanity. The surviving people would live in a world where there is no such thing as Human Rights, Privacy, Personal Property, or freedom. All citizens will be sterilized to prevent any breeding outside the one world government sanctioned procreation plan. It’s based on eugenics you see, the genetic creation of the perfect specimen of human. Just like the Nazis did during their Genocide. Is the UN Agenda 21 starting to sound familiar? Well it should, it was compiled by the same Nazi scientists that we brought back to America following WWII. Operation: “Paperclip”

I know this all sounds like bullshit. Five years ago I wouldn’t have believed it either. The idea that the power elites of the world would conspire to not only poison our food and water slowly killing us with cancer causing additives, but that the same elites would even withhold the cures for such diseases as Cancer, HIV/Aids, Hepatitis, Alzheimer's and even Herpes is just Crazy!!! The idea that they would withhold medical breakthroughs like cellular regeneration, and Neurological tissue regeneration and a host of other treatments that actually extend the normal human lifespan is absurd unless you factor in The Agenda 21 Population Reduction Goals.

More random medical facts:

The Cannabinoids found in marijuana are actually good for us, they prevent cancer, depression, anxiety, neurological disorders etc, but perhaps most importantly cannabinoids activate and stimulate the Pineal Gland. This is the gland responsible for human beings feeling a spiritual connection to God. Remember the elites want to wipe out God, so no weed for you! Smoking marijuana actually destroys most of the medicinal cannabinoids, carefully processed edibles are better, strait oil is the best. Consuming adrenachrome in extremely small amounts is said to hyper stimulate the pineal gland causing a synaptic surge during which the users claim to experience God Like extra-dimensional thought and sensory perception. In addition when used recreationally it has some merit as a regenerative and life extending substance. Unfortunately continual use of adrenachrome causes brain damage resulting in hysteria, loss of motor coordination, chemical imbalance disorders, psychosis and eventually full blows batshit crazy insanity and then death. Unconfirmed: Jacob Rothschild is said to have used adrenachrome for the last 25 to 30 years and is the only human to have transcended insanity and synaptic failure ie (brain death) Supposedly adrenachrome is the only thing keeping the old guy alive but obviously he isn’t saying much about that.

Aliens: The Elites lied and suppressed all information pertaining to the existence of life on other planets to include UFOs, The Lunar Colony and messages directed at and received by earth from other civilizations. Highest security Clearance level Secret.

Tech: Technology is another major point of suppression. Directed Energy Weapons are already in orbit. Trauma Based Mind Control is not only a proven science, but it’s one of the oldest running secret projects in US history and the victims are some of Americas most familiar faces, they are used basically as slave labor money makers by their handlers. There are microchips capable of transmitting not only the full range of sensory and olfactory experiences, but also command synapses directly to the brain causing involuntary movements and actions beyond the control of the host. that’s frightening. Can they direct the subconscious as well? Weather manipulation technology has been in existence since we were kids. Toxins are being released from commercial and military aircraft during flight. The release mechanisms are automatic and set to dispense at flight level altitude. They are slowly poisoning the environment and us.

The Laws of Physics are not as we have been lead to believe outside earths orbit. It is possible to travel at incredible speeds with only a momentary burst of energy.

The Van Allen belt “deadly radiation” theory is bullshit. It’s electromagnetic radiation and we have the means to shield our spacecraft from its effects on electronic systems. If you look closely the belts energy radiates from the north and south poles. If it’s so deadly then nobody could go near the polar regions without dying.

That’s all for now, I’ll try to do this again soon. It feels good to let this stuff out into the population. That is if it doesn’t cause a mass panic... there is that. Much of what I’ve said will be declass’d in the next year as indictments are unsealed. Other things will be released slowly over the next 2-3 years. It’s a great time to be alive, remember to be nice to each other, you have a common enemy. Regards: -Snafu

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It’s a great time to be alive, remember to be nice to each other, you have a common enemy.

So true. Thanks!

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Oh shit... that has to be the Obama face sperm @idintdonuthin was referring to. FUCKER just won't go away!

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=5UebaK1lETo :

Urgent!!!/3 Planes/3 Different Nations/Quarantined in US - YouTube

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NWO Strikes again, now it as started it will never stop. Not until we are having 100 vaccines a yr. Nothing to see here, move along please! wwg1wga