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Its impossible to kill 6 million jews.

You would need a well operated logistical operation.

Only a genius could do such a thing.


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Putin hopeful “we [will] manage to find a way to defuse” the conflicts.

Just ask me how to end the conflicts. One nation needs to be demilitarized and blockaded. I bet you can't guess which one I'm thinking of...


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https://archive.fo/I06NV :

Netanyahu Warns Putin That Iran Wants to Destroy 6 Million Jews - Bloomberg

'Netanyahu opened the talks in the Kremlin on Wednesday amid rising tensions over the possible delivery of Russian S-300 air-defense missile systems to Syria. '

'Putin described the situation in the Middle East as “very tense,” telling Netanyahu that he’s hopeful “we manage to find a way to defuse” the conflicts. '

'Israel’s government and the army have a strict policy of not acknowledging or commenting on military actions taken in the neighboring country. '

'Israeli missiles were fired late on Tuesday at a target outside the capital, Damascus, Syria’s state-run Sana news service said. '

'Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told President Vladimir Putin that Iran is out to destroy his country, pressing his appeal for Russian help to keep Tehran from using Syria as a launching pad to attack the Jewish state. '

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