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Anyone else notice that racism seems to actually be less of a problem issue here than up north

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Yes! I love visiting my family in the South because I just don't feel the racial tension there the way I do at home. It's so pleasant.

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None of the top 15 most segregated cities are in the South

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That's a good thing?

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Are stories about jews welcome? I live in the south and I recently had a run-in with the jew here

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do tell.

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do tell, second notice

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Well, I won’t be censoring things if that is your question. I’m personally not a believer in the Jewish conspiracy theories, but I have little interest in arguing about them. If people want to talk about Jews it’s fine with me as long as it is about the South.

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Down here we call them jous. (rhymes with cows)

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Go Eagles--GATA!

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I can dig this. It'd be nice to talk to people about local news and events without having to "play nice." Any time I hear about some gun reform going down in my home state I head over to reddit to talk shit to gun grabbers. It's mind boggling how uninformed and terror stricken the ignoramuses are.

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How are you not banned? Im universaly banned from reddit... i go to see the retards then come back here to complain about it.

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I made a sub verse along these lines already but I guess mine didn’t get the right exposure or something


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Yeah this is a good way to cause division at Voat.

I am southern and will say it right now. I love my northern patriot brothers and sisters.

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cool, good idea

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Sounds like a good sub as long as you talk a bunch about deep frying stuff use lotsa butter.

And bacon. Bacon is Brotherhood meat.

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Post Confederate flag art, fried catfish recipes, nigger lynchings and white guys laughing as a top heavy spic yells at them in Spanish as her kids run around in the street.

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