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The best part is the regulars there will lpse thwir safe space! Two faced jews

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lpse thwir safe space!


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What makes you think they won't stay at Phuks for long?

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It's not that I don't think they won't want to. But I've seen it a hundred times already. Racism, dislike judaism, black, Islam always bring a negative vibe to a website (not for me because I don't care.) But slowly and surely the site will grow, the racists will annoy the average user base, advertisers will demand the removal of it and the ban hammer comes. It may not be for a long time. But it's happened so much in the decades that I've used the internet that it's an inevitability. It may not be next week or next month but judging by one of the anti-discrimination rules over there I see it happening at some point.

The admins over there seemed nice and lax about it but when the site grows sometimes they don't have a choice.

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They have this in their TOS.

Posting content of any kind that incites discrimination, hate or violence towards one person or a group of people because of their belonging to a race, religion or nation is strictly prohibited.

They won't be there for too long.

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You are right, and I'm sure there is some name or term for happenings like this. Like the Streisand effect or something. A community breaks away to form a smaller, tighter-knit group. Eventually that group becomes so large that the original structure is lost and then another group breaks away from that one only to repeat the cycle.

We shall see how long Phuks stands. For now I'm there, occasionally popping back into this gas chamber to see how many kikes are still left lol.