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So 90% of that sub is nsa, CIA, fbi faggots trying to honey pot. Fuck off!

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Because it's totally not monitored by the NSA...

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Who cares if they are?

It's illegal in Canada to form a private militia.

Exercise your right. The more people that join militias, the more the government gets the message. Let them file a million reports, who cares?.

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What do you think the entire point of being a member of militia is then? Or the 2nd Amendment for that matter? You think the revolution was won by just one household? Find a way to network with other patriots. And yes, it doesn't have to be online.

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Join using a TOR browser then.

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You think TOR keeps you anonymous? Lmao

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I have a feeling that these types of militia are just people coming together and drinking beer.

You should be practicing shooting, tactical formations, how to attack, defend and guerrilla tactics. How to live off the land, teach your kin about nutrition, eating healthy, exercising, prepping, knowing how to act in stressful situation and help other's business. A militia is to FIGHT a tyrannical government, it's not a Sunday meeting. For those people who live in countries where this is illegal, do it in secrecy.

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I’m not sure having such a tracable and trackable group is the best option for this. I think just leaving it at “all able-bodied men 17-45 (and likely older in many cases)” is far better.

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What traceable and trackable group?

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Sure thing, mate. I've had my Nolan's Cheddar, I could handle this trap easy.

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CIA/FBI/NSA glow in the dark niggers...


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The second your militia does anything that your government considers ‘subversive’ is the same moment that they deem the group terrorists and thus the military will be set upon the citizens.

They will never come for your guns, even if they try you likely have them hidden everywhere. Not sure what the saturation point is for firearms, but you have so many that they cannot be accounted for, ever.

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They will never come for your guns

Naive as shit.

The Vegas and Parkland shootings both look a lot like they were ONLY meant as false flags to take our guns away.

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That makes absolutely no sense, and you sound like a conspiracy theorist.

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Not sure if you have noticed lately, but humans are creative and highly unstable. Most of the world's leadership is concerned not about guns, but other.. much more destructive, means for man's malice. What if the next great thinker is killed by negligent man with lots of wealth, pollution, chemical weapons, invisible radiation, poison, makeshift weaponry, government, military, private prisons, public prisons, shitty food subsidized by the government, needless stress, drunk drivers, cheap under-regulated alcohol?

Not sure what the saturation point is for danger, but you have so much that it cannot be accounted for, ever.

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I think someone is confused on what a well regulated militia is. The people, are not the regulated militia, but it is necessary for we, the people, to be armed as is provided by the second amendment... I'd even say it's our duty.

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The people, are not the regulated militia,


The meaning of "well-regulated militia" meant that people could join a militia with already learned knowledge of shooting and taking care of their guns before joining a militia. Well-regulated meant to be in working order. And people back then didn't have time to be in a militia 24/7. And they still don't. But in their own time they could use their guns to learn how to shoot and take care of their guns and learn military tactics.

The point was that people who were not in a militia could train with their arms and, if ever needed, could be called upon to use their arms and self training to join a militia to take down an enemy with little training necessary.

And for anyone who tries to say we have a militia and it's called the army, navy, marines, etc... This is BS. We had standing army back then also called the British army. To say the militia is anything like the standing army is foolish. We had an army that the militia fought against. The militia is the people.

Now if we can stop the FBI from infiltrating the militia's and blowing things up that would be nice. But I assume that won't happen until the entire FBI is dismantled along with the rest of the deep state corrupt fuck heads. So not joining a militia until the real SHTF situation occurs is still the best option. Keep and train with your arms until needed. Then rise up out of nowhere and they will never see you coming.

When they say to give up your arms or go to jail then you say 'will not infringe' and rise.

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Wrong, fuckhead. But I'll let your ignorance slide... I hate arguing with stupid people.