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neither do you, stop spouting consipracy bullshit like they're facts

I do know. They are facts. And I'll spout whatever I want.


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oooo shitty youtube videos! so a good source ;) you must be so redpilled ;) unlike those sheep who don't believe in globalist conspiracies amirite? ;))


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The first two videos are of the world federalist association who admit they want a world government. The last link is a video that puts all that into perspective showing that "a new world order" is actually their world government plan. If you had the IQ you could look into their past and see who's involved in this organization. Hillary Clinton who was the first lady of the USA at the time giving a speech to a group saying in context she's wants a world government. Cronkite who was a respected news anchor calling for a world government. It's news media, movie actors, and a woman married to the president of the USA at the time admitting to a world government plan. It's not a theory. It's real. Conspiracies actually exist. If you know about the law 'conspiracy' doesn't mean 'not true'. People are convicted of conspiracy every day in courts.

I know it's hard for you to see truth. You have a long history of brainwashing to overcome.

Good luck in your struggle with reality!