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The correct answer is an agreement that "Law abiding citizens shouldn't have to carry a gun."

AND to point out there is a real reason why we can't have nice things.

People are can be idiots, people do stupid things, and political assassination against politicians has been a real problem in this country (liberals like JFK, RFK, King are the most notable examples)

Obviously, the question is not a complaint that it is more difficult to assassinate politicians (liberal or otherwise).

The fact that any politician needs to be protected is a symptom of a deeper problem in the country. The problem of polarization means it becomes much easier to assert that someone who disagrees with you is an enemy of the nation.

The terrifying hard work is fully understanding an alternate viewpoint. Otherwise it becomes an argument over something like (as an example) if you should always use hammer and nails all of the time, or screwdrivers and screws ALL of the time.

Each solution to a problem has it's place. Liberal and conservative solutions to problems are not universal.

Some people think they should be, and we end up here.


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Dumbest shit i've read all year.