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I absolutely love how in face they are with it. Its part of the big joke on the peasants. Its actually some of the best comedy.

I hate Bernie Sanders. He's ugly, gross, and sloppy as fuck... besides being a piece of trash commie. But I have to give it to him on the comedy level, these Globalists jokes are actually very funny. Its funny because of how brainwashed the peasants are, but taking the guns is no laughing matter.

Its always crowds of dumbed down betas that want to take the guns away from alphas. How funny is that? All this shit is comedy.


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Even funnier when you realize that the very guns they want to take away are the force equalizers should they be attacked by an alpha. Guns give the less physically strong (such as women) the ability to successfully defend themselves from an attacker who would otherwise overpower them.

Just like with unrestricted illegal immigration, they're saying they want to be attacked/raped/murdered instead of being called "racist" or "xenophobic" or whatever other wrongthink term you want to use.. They would rather be violated or killed than be called a mean word. That's where we're at.