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One of the courts in America ruled that the police have no duty to protect you. That alone should tell you why everyone should be armed. On another point: are the police not civilians? Are they somehow better then the rest of the populace? Is that why they alone should be armed?


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Let me answer that one for you, it goes over the head of most people because cops tend not to like the idea getting around. The police are not men and women as soon as they get that badge. THEY ARE THE JURISDICTION. Think of them, like judges and mayors, as walking, talking cities and towns, counties, states and nations. What do all those have in common? They are sovereign. They can arrest, jail, seize, destroy and kill to protect themselves from harm. Any harm. Even if it is simply perceived at a certain moment in time. When you are talking to a cop, you are talking to the most dangerous of things. Yes Sir, no Sir. It really means Sire, for they own all that is found on their land and you had better never forget it.