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Why are you rebublicucks so bad at logic? Honestly, were you all born to poor families?

Ok, maybe we're bad at logic. But you are rich and smart, and maybe you can explain something to us poor dumbasses. It's eating me alive, please help.

A lot of the police comes from poor backgrounds. Actually, if they were rich, they wouldn't have to work for a living. Are all those people dumb then?

Should we allow guns to dumb people and only dumb people? No, we can't. Unless we make sure some smart people have tight control on what they do. I wonder where we can find those bright individuals?

Oh, but there it is. The rich. They're smart, they should control the police. Problem solved. Yay. Or is it?

There is this little thing. Smart people are not always moral. They could be serial killers, genocidal maniacs, rapists. Since the rich control the police, it protects them, so no genocide there. The police have the guns, so maybe it's not too smart to prey on them. I wonder who else is left to be genocided and raped to death?

The poor dumb fucks, that's who. All we need to do is make sure they can't fight back. We don't want any rich smart people to get hurt now, do we?


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Rich and educated are cushion layers between the person and reality. That's why the privelaged classes like boleshevik are always on wrong side of history while common mans increased suffering exposes their erroneous thinking.