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Nobody mentions the big wall he was standing behind to protect himself from the peasants.

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You are right.

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It's almost like, and bear with me, law enforcement should carry but not civilians. He is protected by law enforcement, who should carry, beause THEY'RE LAW ENFORCEMENT. Why are you rebublicucks so bad at logic? Honestly, were you all born to poor families? Or at least most of you?

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One of the courts in America ruled that the police have no duty to protect you. That alone should tell you why everyone should be armed. On another point: are the police not civilians? Are they somehow better then the rest of the populace? Is that why they alone should be armed?

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But excuse me while I dive into 'the police kill people at random because of their skin color' but yes let's only allow them all guns.

You have no idea what the powers that be have planned for the weak and unarmed populous of the world. And ignoring history and wars you are a fucking retarded piece of shit fucking left to rot on the sidewalks of a collectivists wet dream. A sad and lonely place that we will never surrender to.

Disarming a populous .... it only comes to one thing. You are not fooling anyone. We are going to disarm you.

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Also that's a very city centric view you have. Much of this countries population live in places where there are not full time police or even those within half hour + of our homes. Ice lived in places where there are no police on weekends.

Also rural don't have your pets but they have nature. Bear breaks into your house stays eating your family you gonna wait 6 hours for cops to arrive?

! Common are animals with rabies. Kids are out playing in the grass and racoon is watching them from the weeds but it's day time?

So yes even if cops and government were 100% trustworthy in nature people still need to protect themselves.

I write these examples or for you to understand why people in flyover areas, you know the ones that grow and raise all your food live much more reality based life then your sheltered city existence which bytheway only exists because someone else with guns previously purged reality from your neighborhood.

Weakness, dependence, passivity are not virtues. They are selfish temporary luxuries and decedances afforded you by those before you that lived hard realities and those after you that will live hard realities.

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Were you here for black lives matters? Thought cops weren't to be trusted.

  1. Those are law enforcement but these hypocrites do the same with bodyguards who aren't law enforcement. None of have bodyguards to protect us from your pets playing a game of knockout.

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Politicians acting like kings and half gods, this isn't 'normal'.

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it's been the norm for a while, so I'd say it's pretty normal (for what the word means).

I agree it's fucked up and it shouldn't be the case, but that's just the way it is

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fukn jew cunt with his traitor slaves

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He is better than Trump though..

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-2864 CCP?! It seems like it'd take some real effort to say shit so stupid, so often, to obtain a number like that.

Was it intentional? Saying Bernie is better than Trump reeks of trolling.

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Ha ha you think you are here to troll us but we expose your mind to wrongthink. I predict You will join us within 1 year.

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in an alternate universe

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Who gets to disarm the feral niggers in the democratic shitholes?

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The appropriate term in this ideology is Kulak , a peasant who does slightly better by working harder under communism is likely to be killed or deported to be worked to death in Siberia and everything they worked for redistributed to people who made an effort to be mediocre and not stand out by working harder. They are mortally afraid of Kulaks with guns.

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What I love is that socialism has not come to full power in America. It is not the ruling ideology yet. And yet,here we see a socialist leader,surrounded by his protectors,while the rest of us stand with nothing to protect ourselves. This is socialism. This is a ruling elite demanding rights and protections while taking yours. Such is the way of the jew.

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The correct answer is an agreement that "Law abiding citizens shouldn't have to carry a gun."

AND to point out there is a real reason why we can't have nice things.

People are can be idiots, people do stupid things, and political assassination against politicians has been a real problem in this country (liberals like JFK, RFK, King are the most notable examples)

Obviously, the question is not a complaint that it is more difficult to assassinate politicians (liberal or otherwise).

The fact that any politician needs to be protected is a symptom of a deeper problem in the country. The problem of polarization means it becomes much easier to assert that someone who disagrees with you is an enemy of the nation.

The terrifying hard work is fully understanding an alternate viewpoint. Otherwise it becomes an argument over something like (as an example) if you should always use hammer and nails all of the time, or screwdrivers and screws ALL of the time.

Each solution to a problem has it's place. Liberal and conservative solutions to problems are not universal.

Some people think they should be, and we end up here.

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Dumbest shit i've read all year.

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I absolutely love how in face they are with it. Its part of the big joke on the peasants. Its actually some of the best comedy.

I hate Bernie Sanders. He's ugly, gross, and sloppy as fuck... besides being a piece of trash commie. But I have to give it to him on the comedy level, these Globalists jokes are actually very funny. Its funny because of how brainwashed the peasants are, but taking the guns is no laughing matter.

Its always crowds of dumbed down betas that want to take the guns away from alphas. How funny is that? All this shit is comedy.

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Even funnier when you realize that the very guns they want to take away are the force equalizers should they be attacked by an alpha. Guns give the less physically strong (such as women) the ability to successfully defend themselves from an attacker who would otherwise overpower them.

Just like with unrestricted illegal immigration, they're saying they want to be attacked/raped/murdered instead of being called "racist" or "xenophobic" or whatever other wrongthink term you want to use.. They would rather be violated or killed than be called a mean word. That's where we're at.

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