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IRS: just give us the money!

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Just like the IRS technically wants you to report illegal income (i.e. theft or prostitution). The IRS are theives themselves so they don't care about the law. They just want more money

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Yet another rouge agency that we are forced to pay for..

There application of the 16th and 26 USC is completely illegal. But, they have the guns and the kill switch to your bank account; so they win. They are completely illegally operated!

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that's all they give a shit about.

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Probably not the best sub for this article.

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Yeah that was an accident and afterwards I did not see a way to change it.

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Isn't that why ITINs were created? You pay taxes, and they won't tell DHS/INS/border patrol/whatever.

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Trying to feed that SS! They always talk about social security running out but never welfare, why is that?

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Elderly and cripples aren't going to riot. But cut a niggers foodstamps and see what happens.

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Had a patient once (young male hispanic, former gang-banger now dead)- looked up "his" s.s number and it came back as "white guy smith" whom of which had died at the age of 72. The hispanic dead kid was from Mexico, no papers.

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"the IRS ignores notifications from the Social Security Administration that a name does not match a Social Security number"

"as long as the information is being used only to fraudulently obtain jobs, the IRS was OK with it. In fact, he said that the IRS actually had an interest in helping the illegal immigrants to crook these rules."

Actually, you admit that illegal immigrants can obtain unearned tax credits. Stop lying you're ok with identity theft as long as it's only used for filing taxes.   "they can claim the money [tax credits] even if they never filed tax returns in the past."

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The sad truth is, the IRS knows who is using stolen Social Security numbers but doesn't do a thing about it. Trump could really speed up deportations if he started sending ICE to the businesses where they work and arresting them on the spot and deporting them immediately.

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It is crazy how ICE can work so hard to get out the illegals and then the IRS goes and makes the problem worse. I do wonder why Trump’s second pardon was to a shady business owner that employed tons of illegals. Maybe it is part of a bigger picture? If we could get ICE and the IRS to work together that would be a great step in the right direction.

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