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Checkmate, @maxcactus!

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When did /u/Maxcactus become moderator of /v/Chess? That used to be Putt's sub.

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I have no concern whatsoever for 'splitting the community' from competing subs.

You find competition concerning? GTFO.

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I have been the mod on Chess for years. It is 100% about chess.

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Got my sub!

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And the better sub rises right? True spirit of capitalism and competition, I believe.

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@maxcactus looks like everyone will be treating your pussy like an Antifa rally from now on. welcome to your new life. hope you brought contraception.

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I didn't get much in to the conflict, and generally just don't have a dog in the fight, and while I can recognize he's a complete fuck with only a quick glance at his profile, idolizing the guy by always talking about his isn't an appropriate way to shame him. At the very least, stop @ing him so much. He'll have a (you) orgasm.

That's about my only grievance. I just don't want to see the front page every so often, only to find troves of posts about some douche that had too much fun finally feeling what having a little power over other people was like.

We don't want to be reddit.

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I got excited. I read that as v/ArtOfCheese - A subverse for cheese ...

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That's nice of you to do that, kind of providing a nice service to Voat. :D

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