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Jesus loved many powerless religious jews and hated the ruling class ones.

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Jesus hates no one and loves everyone. Every the worst criminal to ever live. He hates sin but not the sinner.

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fair enough, angry at or loathe might have been a better word.

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Instead of asking to mod /v/TrueChristian or /v/ChristFollowers, you wanted to balkanize Christians on Voat even further?

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Is that how it makes you feel? I’m not here to undercut anyone’s work here. If there’s one thing Voat doesn’t have too much of and that is Jesus.

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It just makes us look like SRS if it's coming directly in the wake of SRS trying to siphon off users from all the top communities recently (/v/gaming /v/identitarian /v/european /v/frugal /v/conspiracy /v/linux /v/science /v/mybordersmychoice etc.). @freshmeat will probably agree. The Christian subverses here already suffer from painfully low subscriber counts and posts downvoted to invisibility by SRS and /all/new downvote fairies. If you were posting to the existing Christian subverses and the mods disagreed with the content then it would make perfect sense to create a spinoff, but I've literally never seen you post to a Christian subverse. Not only that, but if you're a Christian Identitarian it's absolutely flabbergasting that you want to convert Christians to Identitarianism but have never made posts in /v/Identitarian trying to sell them on Christianity being the only way we can ever have another Crusade. Making sure the atheists here aren't emboldened to manufacture a false consensus that Voat is atheist is the last thing standing in the way of their agenda; that's why SRS took out ads saying "Pizzagate go back to reddit".

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Baha. Balkanised christmas?

P.s. Aldi plum puddings and fruit mince pies are fucking good

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Have a slice of air pie.

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I subscribed, but I do not believe the sub will be successful. We live in a world of ignorance and even among Christians, many think one thing to be true and its completely wrong. I have argued here on this topic countless times. I have spilled fourth years of education and experience and still have people deny what I say because it is inconvenient to them.

[–] BLOODandHONOUR [S] 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Not everyone is so easy to accept the truth. Christianity has never been widely accepted and is hated by many. It is a great threat to the current establishment in our society which is run by jews who hate Jesus.

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See, straight away, I disagree with you on some of the things you are saying. Well, ok, maybe not disagree exactly, but feel like you've missed something very important.

Every one here complains about the jews and what they've done to society. But no one stopped them. No one said, Im not going to watch this TV show or movie. No one took the time to look what politics was actually about. No one took the time to stop being lazy pieces of shit.

Western society invited this in, because when it knocked the door it sat at the couch and yelled come in, without looking who it was. And it is a great sin in of itself.

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Count me in. Ain't gonna be disrespectful, and am genuinely interested in your shit.

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Thanks Pocahontas! It’s empty for now but I’ll add some stuff soon. I’m at a little work training right now -away from work

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Subscriber #2

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Hello brother!

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Subscribed! Can't wait!

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Jew worshipping faggot.

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